Sound Immersion at Just Be

What is Sound Immersion?

We are constantly surrounded by a cacophony of sounds – traffic, electronics, machinery, peoples’ voices,. Have you thought of its impact on your health and well being? Now, imagine being immersed in a healing and rejuvenating sound bath created specifically to impact you positively. Come and experience the healing vibrations of sound. Sound Immersion is designed to facilitate a deep state of relaxation and awareness. This state invokes your natural healing capabilities. The session is made sacred by the very carefully chosen instruments of SVARAM Sound Healing and Research Project. This session provides relief from different kinds of physical and emotional stress. It is also a channel for deepening meditative and reflective practices strengthening your connection with your inner self.

A word from our therapists:

The journey of healing and discovery of each person is held with respect and compassion. For us working here as facilitators and therapists is a work of love. We do our work in connection and service of our clients. It is such a blessing to watch people walk out feeling calm and peaceful.

Sessions Available:

One hour session

(Tue - Thu): Rs.1800 for 1 person and Rs.2700 for 2 people simultaneously

(Fri - Sun): Rs.2400 for 1 person and Rs.3400 for 2 people simultaneously

Book 5 sessions for Rs.9000!

Sound Immersion Gift Cards are available at the studio. Gift your loved ones a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Booking by appointment only. To book an appointment please call 080-48538672.