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Health Coach Nidhi Nahata

Nidhi Nahata believes in simple living. A lifestyle change brought about a perspective shift  in Nidhi’s life leading her to build the beautiful relationship with her body that she enjoys today. She deeply believes that “Food is thy medicine”. Respecting our body and listening to the signals it gives us is the only way we can connect with our body.

Her journey began when she started suffering from high cholesterol. She wanted a solution to her health problem that didn’t involve medicines. Her search led her to SHARAN - an organization built by Dr. Nandita Shah whose mission is to help people live their lives without medicines. As an attendee of the 21-day SHARAN health retreat she learnt the “way of life” - a way to connect and listen to her body and instincts. One diet for all - at the retreat patients with chronic ailments such as BP irregularities, sugar and thyroid problems, obesity and arthritis were given the same diet and each of them responded to the diet wonderfully. This opened her eyes to the fact that health is in our kitchen, the food we eat acts as preventative medicine.

She is very grateful to her ailment which led her to discover SHARAN which not only helped her reverse her ailment but also cure her son’s chronic asthma, her husband’s gastrointestinal issues and various other health issues of her family members and friends. Motivated from these success stories, she started diet consultation and has helped more and more people to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also provides cancer health support.

Where does simplicity begin? It begins with the food on your plate.

“Jaisa khao ann waisa pao mann” - “You are what you eat”

This thought led her to found India’s first oil-free, whole foods plant based health resto cafe - Justbe. The aim was to provide people access to healthy food outside the comfort of their homes at affordable prices. Justbe serves nutritious, natural food designed for the human body - no added sugar or oil, dairy-free, free of all refined and processed ingredients and, free of colours and preservatives. Nidhi and the current Head-Chef, Prem Darshan worked for months to curate a menu that is healthy and includes fast food dishes like pizzas and sizzlers, to cater to the needs of the upcoming generation. Together they have burst the myth that healthy food is boring. As an entrepreneur, starting a cafe as unique as Justbe was a bold and commendable move by Nidhi. Within six months, Justbe received The Times Food and Nightlife Award in the category of TAFE Best Health Food in Casual Dining. It was encouraging to see an unconventional cafe like Justbe receive such a prestigious award in such short time. In 2019, she won the ‘Excellence in Food and Health category’ award at Times Power Women 2019. The need of the hour is to create the right demand keeping in mind the legacy we will be leaving behind for the coming generations. Nidhi hopes that the success of Justbe encourages other entrepreneurs to start more health cafes in every city.

Justbe now includes Justbe Holistic Wellness Spa that regularly conducts meditation session, yoga classes, sound immersion sessions, and other classes, events and workshops.

Justbe is here to cater to your every need  - Mind | Body | Soul | Community


‘Excellence in Food and Health category’ award at Times Power Women 2019.

Health Support:

Nidhi conducts health talk, cooking classes and diet consultations with healthy meal delivery packages. To know more about these sessions, visit our events section. She also provides regular tips and recipe on healthy lifestyle in her blog and her YouTube Channel.


“Today’s session was just eye-opening. If you want to be healthy and energetic through out your life, this is the only way. Great learning experience, great food, nourishing talk. Thank you”

- Asma Ahmed

“A lot of myth busting and a wake up call on how to be healthy by just listening to the calls of our body”

-Palani Loganath

“You are the first person who has taught us how being healthy can be so economical. For this we thank you.”