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Take a stroll around the various parks and shopping streets in Bengaluru, and you’ll come across vendors on push carts or by the side of the road selling peanuts, seasonal fruits, cotton candies and what not. While the hygiene level of these small eats on the streets are always questioned, one cannot deny the quintessential element of these sellers and the bowls of delight they offer to Bengalurueans.


“Moringa is grown in all parts of the country and is very ocal. Both the leaves and drumstick itself have a lot of fibre, nutrients, proteins and minerals,” says nutritionist and health coach Nidhi Nahata. Apart from this, the superfood is a rich source of amino acids, with significant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E, calcium, potassium, and protein, which makes for a perfect everyday nutritional supplement. 

As with most great ideas, Nidhi Nahata's, journey towards clean eating began with a personal experience. "I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and was looking for a diet change. This is when I heard about the 21 Day Health Retreat by Sharan and decided to go for it," says 44-year-old Nahata. In the days spent there, Nahata had turned vegan and took to eating clean. "As a result, my cholesterol went down to 180 from 300," she says.

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I particularly like that this cafe doesn’t keep reminding you that they’re a healthy or vegetarian place. It comes very naturally and organically into the food, and the space in general. They also make an effort to understand what exactly you’d like so they can make minor modifications to your meal. I also highly recommend their drinks. The Pink Nimbu Pani is sweetended with jaggery, Zesty Cucumber which is cucumber-flavoured jal jeera, or the almond cold coffee — yum!

Throwback to when we started

If you are invited for a treat to a place where the food is cooked Oil free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Color free – chances are that 99 of 100 people would make a polite excuse and wriggle out. I guess I was the odd one out when by chance I discovered JustBe. Its not just a restaurant but a lot more – with many unique zones that includes the one and only Sound Healing Therapy room outside of Auroville. Do plan a visit to JustBe at Sadashivnagar, but before that read on about this place and the passion of Nidhi  who conceptualised and developed this place.

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If you have a bright start-up idea pertaining to eco-friendly products, prepare your elevator pitch and head to the Sunday market at Just Be Resto Cafe in Armane Nagar. As the name suggests, the market is raised every Sunday and dismantled when the day has run its course.

However, the day is packed with stalls offering agricultural produce, organic and fresh from farms on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border and Kerala. 

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JustBe is an all-vegan café. You’re probably thinking ‘just for health nuts’. But, no, you can enjoy a meal here for its flavours and the pleasure it yields, besides the feel-good factor it leaves you with. Nidhi Nahata, whose concept this is, found inspiration in a 21-day retreat she attended to address health issues she was facing. Convinced that eating right impacts our wellness in significant ways, she set about creating JustBe, investing long hours in research and adapting popular dishes to conform to vegan principles.

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The elegant outdoor furniture, the canopy formed by trees growing inside, the quirky little artefacts, the copper vessels, and the quaint pastel green, grey and brown tones really give this place its own personality. And extra points for the clean washroom! There’s a handmade, personal touch to everything, which adds to the positive energy this place holds.

Deccan Chronicle: Let’s not ‘waste’ any time

This is exactly what this event ‘Magic of Waste Management’ is about. Nidhi Nahata, the founder of the Just Be Cafe where the event will be held says, “Sometimes we forget that small steps like not using a straw, or maybe just getting your own cup and using it wherever you go. This waste management class by Vani Murthy who is Bengaluru’s compost queen and an urban farmer is going to be talking just about that talking about different small steps we can take and yet make a huge difference. Her knowledge of backyard composting is held in high esteem and she will share it all with us on this Earth Day.”

Smooth(ie) Operator: Clean Eating In Bangalore

Another café that insists on adding health to every bite is JustBe in Sadashivnagar. Founder Nidhi Nahata says she doesn’t have a single bottle of oil in her kitchen. With a vegan menu and walls peppered with inspiring quotes, we believe her. She asserts that food does more than provide nutrition. “Food should be able to heal you, what you eat decides what ailments will plague you, which is why we keep away from all things processed and unnatural in our kitchen,” says Nidhi.

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Nidhi Nahata, a Bengaluru-based health coach who specializes in plant-based diets, attended one of SHARAN’s health retreats in Gokarna two years ago owing to struggles with cholesterol. She says a dairy-free diet put her own health back on track, eased her son’s chronic asthma and her husband’s acidity. She set up the JustBe café in Bengaluru a year ago to put this plant-based diet into practice. The café serves nut milk and nut cheese, and specials include brown rice buttermilk and dairy-free malai kulfi. She holds regular workshops on how to make seed-based milk and other dairy-free treats.

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The name Just Be comes from Nidhi’s inspiration which is all about a person’s ability to express themselves and their creativity when they are just being themselves - hence the name Just Be. While She does come from a hospitality background, she loathed the idea of pill popping and unhealthy cooking. Nidhi enrolled in SHARAN’s 21-day program and was introduced to the world of healthy living and eating. This revelation led to her radical change towards nutrition that will be evident in her restaurant’s menu.