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Sound Immersion

We believe in the healing properties of sound, so we brought SVARAM Sound Immersion Therapy to Bangalore. Our studio is home to SVARAM’s first permanent location in India outside Auroville. Sound meditation helps ease anxiety and expand the consciousness. Experience sound waves wash over you in this spa-like experience. The beautiful sounds will bring peace to your mind and enhance your mental well being.



“Vipassana meditation is an ongoing creative purification process. Observation of the moment-to-moment experience cleanses the mental layers, one after another.” 

We conduct Vipassana session every Sunday from 9 am to 10 am. For more information call us at 080-48538672 or leave us a message on 9916023926

Events and Workshops

Just Be is always buzzing with positive vibrant energy. We conduct various classes, workshops, seminars and exhibitions for kids, teens and adults.

To conduct your event at Just Be mail us at


Access Conscious Bars Therapy sessions are held on Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm on appointment.

Charges: Rs 2500 per person.

To book an appointment please call: 9845702511