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Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshop

  • Justbe Holistic Wellness Studio Bangalore (map)
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Love yourself, heal your life workshop!

The two-day workshop on Heal your life is a powerful and transformational experience.

The workshop was developed by Louise Hay in the 1980’s. Louise Hay was a healer and motivational speaker. Worked extensively with dysfunctional families all over the world.

The workshop is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. It covers four aspects of ourselves- mind, body, emotions and spirit. Through exercises, meditations and visualizations, participants are invited to uncover repressed emotions, outdated limiting beliefs, repetitive patterns of behavior. Participants get to understand how these patterns could be sabotaging one’s life in the present; and, not allowing one to live a life of abundance.

The workshop offers profound insight into the relationship between the mind and body. Exploring the way that limiting thoughts and ideas control and constrict us; and understanding the connection between our physical illnesses and our mindsets.

The safe and private space of the workshop allows the participants to get in touch with their inner child; the unexpressed, unmet needs; grieve for it and begin the healing process. Through different exercises individuals get to understand themselves deeply; to break through the layers of old conditioning; and find the beauty inside.

A healing process like this in a group exposes participants to others, who are also struggling with pain and inner conflicts. The group healing method of affirmations and support provides for a spiritual experience.

Ragini Rao TSTA (Psychotherapy) is an accredited psychotherapist and certified trainer of the International Transactional Analysis Association. She has 25 years & over 5000 hours experience in Psychotherapy and Training. Qualified as a licensed workshop leader for ‘Heal your Life’ workshops based on the philosophy of Louise L. Hay. She runs advanced training groups in Transactional Analysis to train individuals to become certified therapists. She has a Masters in Psychology from the Univ. of Delhi.