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Golden Inner Child Healing - Workshop by Varsha Morarka

  • Justbe Holistic Wellness Center 383/31 13th Cross Road Bengaluru, KA, 560080 India (map)
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What/Who is the Golden Inner Child?

The Golden Child is a carefree, joyous, trusting,creative, loving aspect of oneself which exists within.

What does a Golden Inner Child Day long session do?

Golden Inner Child session is the work one does to resolve the childhood emotions and experiences this inner part of oneself still holds, as well as harness the joy, innocence,confidence and the ability to live in the now moment, that is your birthright. A day long "work" will release chosen areas/ emotions/incidents. In fact, these unresolved frequencies and unconscious memory fragments lead adults to behave and identify unconsciously with their golden inner child's original "wounding". It s such that one oft times feel as if they are sitting in the passenger seat while their inner child is flying their vehicle into a black hole of suffering. That is why it is imperative to do the internal work and process these deep wounds, which "wound" around the DNA and deeply program into the genetic makeup of one's own karmic records. Once all the karma is cleared back to source point, that is the mark of a truly liberated soul.

Why would my Golden Inner Child hold hidden emotions?

Childhood trauma leaves a child with shame, rejection, abandonment, abuse..these repressed emotions then lead to cycles of self-sabotage in adulthood. For example, if you were taught to repress pain as a child, you might run away from good relationships rather than allow yourself to be hurt. The end result is always feeling lonely. Or if you were taught you must always be pleasing to win love, you end up with a codependent relationship.

What can You expect after such a Day long session?

The benefits are impressive:

~accessing repressed memories that are holding you back

~ being able to feel again after years of being numb in a area of your life

~ gaining personal power and the ability to set boundaries

~feeling self-compassion and loving yourself more

~gaining self-confidence

~ being able to enjoy life and have fun more naturally, childlike

How long does the effect of such a session last?

The good news is that once we do the work on a chosen area, it lasts forever.

What are the "take-aways" from such a session?

The issues that you can release:

~ childhood abuse- emotional, sexual, physical

~ depression and anxiety

~ anger management issue

~ low self esteem

~ abandonment issues

~ emotional numbness

~ self criticism

~ Self-sabotage

~ codependency and powerlessness

About Varsha Morarka:

Varsha Morarka is recognised for her pure and powerful channelling, teaching as well as healing abilities which attracts many wishing to evolve spiritually to study and work with her. She is an energy conduit for Spirit and many Gods and Goddesses. A B.Com. B.Ed, she is a Master in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Mind Control and various other techniques as well as numerous Initiations which she has acquired over her 20 year sojourn. Please do visit her website and her qualifications section for the full details as well as testimonials:

She runs a 400 strength School in Hospet and her Energy Centre called Tat-Tvam-Asi as well as does a wide range of workshops in different parts of the country.