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Family Constellations Introduction Session

In todays time we do not have time to look back, introspect and mend our relationship blockages that result in unresolved conflicts in our familial and other such relationships. This introductory session dives into the therapeutic concept of family constellations healing work. This session will educate you about the theoretical knowledge and teach you exercises to develop an understanding of family constellations.

Know About
- Orders of Love
- Morphogenetic Field
- Phenomenology
- Creative Visualizations
- Experiential exercise
Venue - Just Be
Duration : 2 hours
Option 1 - Mar 10th, 4pm - 6pm
Option 2 - Mar 22nd, 11am - 1pm
Free Entry - RSVP
Aakanksha - 9900093692
Arvind - 9880007850


Arvind is a facilitator in Systemic and Family Constellation, Flowgame, self-designed learning, and Sociocracy. He works with children and adults as an educator, coach, and
therapist. He is a social entrepreneur and is involved with eco-communities through sustainable farming practices, and consent based governance model. He facilitates group process for organizations, social groups, and corporates. He is a vegan and a minimalist and an advocate of environmental issues. In the past he has served in Greenpeace, Tactical Technology collective, and Dell Technologies in various capacities.

Aakanksha is a facilitator in Systemic and Family Constellation, Flowgame, and Women Circles. Her work is spread across families, groups, and holding safe spaces for women.
She is a practioner of Iyengar yoga, a vegan, and sees magic in the ordinariness of life. Previously, she worked as a Technical Writer and System Engineer for Open Source Softwares, and social worker in the area of non-formal education, women's health, animal rights, farmer issues in the country.