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Science Cafe presents 'Innovations Impacting Human Lives'

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This April, we're delighted to bring you an innovation-themed Science Cafe. The BLiSc Science Cafe is organized by the Communications Office at the Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster (BLiSc). Science Cafe is proposed as a relaxed exchange of scientific knowledge and innovative ideas that brings together scientists and lay people at an accessible venue. It puts the public on an equal footing with scientists to start a dialogue of current research, its implications and strives to promote scientific temper through enquiry.

Innovations impacting human lives: Innovations in life sciences continue to address major problems in human health, agriculture and environment. These innovations solve problems which are local (india specific) as well as global. In this session, we will discuss some of these innovations being developed in India. If you're an innovator, entrepreneur, or just a science-enthusiast, do drop by to hear more about how innovations impact our lives.