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Storytelling with Yoga for Kids by Happy Living

  • Justbe Holistic Wellness Center 381/31 13th Cross Road Bengaluru, KA, 560080 India (map)
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STORYTIME YOGA is Happy Living’s forte. Since five years we have been pioneering children's body - centered education and yoga therapy program that intergrates yoga and oral storytelling, relaxation, mediation and character education to produce healthy and happy children. There are different kinds of sound produce during the season which helps children in practicing breathing techniques.

The event / classes/ workshop is open to children between 3.5 years and above.

Please contact +91 98453 53363 to book your spot.

Combination of both yoga and storytelling help children to benefit in even more ways in a fun, interactive way.

👉 Storytelling is a wonderful way for children to engage in literacy and language activities.

👉 It enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness

👉 It helps to improve concentration while instilling a sense of calm.

👉 Yoga postures help children express certain feelings,

👉 The children mimic animals and objects which helps the kids release excess energy and create balance in a busy, fuzzy, erratic mind.

👉 They learn to be proactive instead of reactive to demanding circumstances.

👉 By using visualization and storytelling, children get rid of their fears and challenges.