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Acrylic on Canvas - Blue Door


A brightly colored front door not only adds a fun pop of color and an extra dose of personality to a home, it also has a deeper significance. Like a necktie, which is the focal point of an outfit, the front door is the focal point of the home. A blue front door signals that the homeowner views his or her home as a place of refuge - calm, serene, and relaxing, the perfect retreat from an often harsh and demanding world. Those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace and value truth. They are well grounded and true to themselves. In the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, blue represents water and abundance. It belongs to the water element. A blue front door blue is a good choice because it suggests abundance and prosperity. Of course, its also possible that there was an extra can of blue paint lying around and someone got bored one afternoon! Come paint this happiest of pictures with us.

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