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Nada Yoga by Meenal Nigam

  • Justbe Resto Cafe 383/31 13th Cross Road Bengaluru, KA, 560080 India (map)
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What is Nada Yoga?

The Sanskrit word Nada means sound or flow of consciousness and yoga means union. Therefore, the practices of nada yoga can be understood as a union through sound or the flow of sound. Nada yoga incorporates all forms of sound or music. Sound uplifts, transforms, brings joy, beauty, generates love, kindness, excitement, sound heals, soothes, energizes, involves, ensures, revives, satisfies, generates and awakens. Sound is the source of all creation, living, and non-living. It is a journey from the noise of the external world inward to a place of Peace and Bliss, to the source of Transformational power of sound - the Nada. By meditating on the inner sacred sound of the Nada, we can release ourselves from mind chatter and obsessive thinking. We can still the body, quiet the mind, and open the heart to create a state of mind where joy naturally arises. This is the experience we can expect as we become advanced Nada Yogis.

Benefits of Nada Yoga

* The increased concentration and creativity leads to a better performance in every role that life offers you.

* Speakers and singers benefit from this technique as the vocal cords are specially prepared for clarity and enhanced tonal quality and expression.

* Students develop better listening and understanding skills

* Helps overcome addictions.

* Reduces stress by internalisation through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

* Above all, it gives wisdom and capacity to take charge of life and enables to bridge the gap between the material and spiritual world.

* Working Homemakers become effective time managers and benefit themselves and their families from multiple ways of chanting and affirming. 

In general, consistent interaction with the field can build an unseen connection with the whole world and the world beyond words and forms.

Details of the workshop

* Kayasthairyam - The art of stilling the self (body and mind)

* Hatha yoga - Relaxing and loosening the body

* Pranayama - Breathwork including Bandhas

* Western vocal chord exercises - Beneficial for a range of professionals including singers, speakers, actors, coaches and leaders

* Swar Sadhana - Meditation with sounds

* Japa and affirmations - Reprogramming the energy field

* Several other internal and external Nada Yoga techniques

About Meenal Nigam

Renowned Nigam family and sister of Sonu Nigam, Meenal has been teaching yoga since 2004. She has a passion towards bhakti sangeet from a very young age. She observed and learnt from her personal life experience the profound impact of Music on all levels of existence and started researching on Nada Yoga. Applying the science of Nada on her own life for years, she is inspired to share this knowledge with people since a year now. She has taken Jigyasu Diksha from swami Niranjanananda and has completed her Kriya yoga training from Bihar School of Yoga.

She got her spiritual name Atma Bindu from her Guru. Her spiritual goal is to be a student for life, always in Service of her Gurus and Humanity.

SAT 14, SUN 15, SAT 21, SUN 22, SAT 28, SUN 29, 2019

Time: 10am to 2pm

Registration fee: ₹15,000

To Register contact +91 88841 63061

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