Just Be Yoga

The yoga room is a peaceful sanctuary from your busy everyday life. Our holistic studio aims to enhance and deepen your knowledge of yoga, asana, philosophy and overall health. Yoga classes are conducted throughout the week and covers a balanced variety of six forms of yoga. Our instructors are here to help you experience the transformative power of yoga by teaching you how to balance strength with flexibility, and develop movement, posture and breath.



Sound Healing 

We believe in the healing properties of sound, so we brought SVARAM to Bangalore. Our studio is home to SVARAM’s first permanent location in India outside Auroville. Sound meditation helps ease anxiety and expand the consciousness. We ask participants to lie down in savasana, and focus on their breath as they experience sound waves wash over them. The beautiful sounds bring peace to the mind and enhance mental well being. Booking by appointment only.




Every Sunday morning, we have Vipassana sessions for practitioners from 09:00 a.m to 10 a.m.



Meditation Room

The meditation room is reserved for silent, individual reflection and contemplation. It is open to the public throughout the day, free of cost.

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