HEALTHY MEALS Delivery package


Your body is the greatest instrument you’ll ever own. Age is just a number and everyone ages differently. It is possible to slow down and even reverse ageing, experience wholesome health, feel full of energy and vitality and avoid sick days. Easier said than done? Yes! We believe so! It is fairly simple as long we learn how to live in harmony with the way nature intended us to eat and live. Here at Just Be, we help you cut through the health advice noise and reestablish that connection with a personal touch.

To help you lead a healthy lifestyle, we have started our healthy meal home delivery system. These healthy meal packages are specially designed for you so you can eat what you want to eat with a healthy twist. You can opt for health and diet consultation sessions with our expert and experienced in-house SHARAN certified health coach that starts scientifically with a discussion over your health reports.

Do you believe that healthy food is boring? 

Try our meal packages and you will see or rather taste just how amazingly delicious and yet how simple healthy food can be. We offer the most exotic and nutritious whole food plant based meals which have zero-oil, are sugar-free and have no refined and processed ingredients. Whether you want to lose weight or reverse ailments and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, want to reduce medication or keep increasingly common diseases like cancer at bay, we can make that happen without compromising on the taste! Unbelievable, right? We have been doing it for over an year now. One can live well, think well and sleep well only if one has dined well. We are sure your overall health, immunity and energy level will get a boost and your follow-up health reports will be a testimony to it. We can’t wait to hear from you before and after your health renaissance.

What’s special about the meals

  • Food you can eat everyday without counting calories as it is personalised and designed for you suiting your lifestyle

  • Our meals are low on calories but high on nutrition and nourishment

  • No empty  calories - no oil, sugar or refined foods. Only whole food plant based (WFPB) ingredients

  • All natural ingredients. We believe synthetic chemicals and additives harm our body 

  • Daily lunch and dinner meals for you at your doorstep to stay on course for your health goals

  • Meals that don’t make you feel heavy. You will feel light and energetic for many hours after the meal.

  • Healthy food that is delicious that assists weight loss and boosts your immunity 

  • Hygiene is paramount when we cook and pack the meals 

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

The package includes

  • Diet Consultation

  • Goal-based personalised food packages with doorstep Delivery


If you opt for our meal package, you will get a discounted diet consultation and your meals will be personalised based on your goals.

One diet consultation with our in-house health coach worth ₹5000 will be offered at a discounted rate. Follow-up consultations can also be booked for ₹1500 per session within 8 weeks of the first consultation.


₹650 per meal.

One week (6 days) OFFER

Health consultation - ₹3500

₹600 per meal

One meal a day: 600 X 6 + 3500 = ₹7100 (Actual price - ₹8900 ) + taxes + delivery charges

Two meals a day: 600 X 6 X 2 + 3500 = ₹10700 (Actual price - ₹12800 ) + taxes + delivery charges

One MONTH (26 days) OFFER

Health consultation - ₹2500

₹550 per meal

One meal a day: 550 X 26 + 2500 = ₹16800 (Actual price - ₹21900 ) + taxes + delivery charges

Two meals a day: 550 X 26 X 2 + 2500 = ₹31100 (Actual price - ₹38800) + taxes + delivery charges

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