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Justbe is the heart-filled cafe xxxxx.




About Me



Justbe takes you away from an ordinary food to the most extraordinary experience which you will have with food 

It's our birth right to demand the right fuel like the way we never put diesel in petrol car - so never put what is not designed for our body - it's not a big deal to demand - it's about our choice how we want to treat our body - cos right way we treat our body - in return we get health - which we are finding thru medicines- doctors & hospitals 

We are in our mind and then we set our minds to convenience - convenient living - 

Make your mind strong and make a mindset to have only healthy food and you will find it everywhere - that's what will be offered to you - you will be surprised how things will be manifested 

It's sad we worry to demand good things - we now only know to buy what is offered 





JUSTBE is always buzzing with people - all feel happy to be in this space - any business flourishes here - it's a platform for growth 

Cafe is making a lot of money - the news of what we offer has reached in every corner & when anyone thinks of healthy food it's JUSTBE - we stand for genuineness- we walk the talk that's what is believed by our costumers 

JUSTBE is an inspiration to many restaurants and cafes and now have the courage to serve right food 

People here have learnt to demand for right food - people have started to understand what they are doing to their bodies - how food is abusing our bodies - 

People get aware how we are ignorant and can do wonders with the food which nature has designed for only us 

A hub where people meet have fun feel healthy and exhibit and do workshops and classes 

JUSTBE is unique - it is a place which offers health on plate 

A concept kitchen which takes care of its guest from the utensils which is used in the kitchen to oil  - sugar - dairy - colour - preservative free cooking 

We believe that we are what we eat 

We offer clean food which helps you to align with your body easily 

When there is no oil of dairy it helps you not to worry how much you eat 

Our smoothie is a detox drink and meal in itself - helps your system clean and pumps energy in your body 

We work very hard in our kitchen to bring the tastiest meal in the most healthiest way 

Ore chefs corner is designed for you to demand your choice of food and we take it forward to bring your food your way in healthy form 

Our mission 

To cater to your health 

We offer the best healthy food and each meal you take at JUSTBE contributes to our mission which believes in service to human health - cruelty against animals and our environment 

Each meal helps you not to exploit your body - animal and environment 

Our waste from the kitchen goes to be the compost which we use it for our plants 

We believe in plastic free world - challenge is we do not get everything eco friendly but our approach is also to find and use - we use paper straw - please do not keep it for long into the drinks - it gets sluggy 

We use fruits and veges to bring out beautiful colour in our drinks and dishes

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